Industry Feedback

Brand Protection For Major US Foodservice Provider

“DNA is the only way to keep track of meat as an animal is disassembled during processing. It keeps the supply chain honest and ensures that our brand value is protected. Through DNA TraceBack®, we are able to continuously improve the quality of our products by identifying which suppliers have the best meat and focus our purchasing.”

Supply Chain Integrity for Leading European Beef Producer

“We recognised customer concerns around trust and labelling, so we decided to add additional quality assurance measures. Now that we are collecting DNA, we can connect this with the animal’s age, weight, sex, and feeding regimen, and have the data to take this to another level. There is a common agenda that consumer trust in the food system is paramount. We within the food system have to decide how to properly reassure consumers that we’re taking this issue seriously.”

Product Origin Guaranteed for Irish Pigmeat

“We continue to carry out DNA testing on all pigmeat products in retailers, butchers, secondary processors and other foodservice providers. The successful campaign in 2015 resulted in increased volumes of pigmeat purchased on the home market. The scheme has impacted hugely on farmgate prices, delivering approximately 10c/kg to producers. Due to the DNA programme the quantity of Quality Assured product in supermarkets has increased to almost 100% of own brand products and ensures consumers are fully informed of the origin of pigmeat they are buying.”