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Trace it. Trust it.
Taste the DNA advantage.

IdentiGEN leads the world in delivering DNA-based solutions which shape the future of food trust

We’re experiencing a paradigm shift in the food industry. Consumers crave connection with their food. They demand affirmation of its authenticity and expect to see clear indicators of sustainability, welfare, quality and ethics.

Trust is fast becoming the most important ingredient in any food. IdentiGEN is the first company in the world to develop and deliver a DNA traceability platform at industry scale. Constantly evolving how DNA technology is used to anticipate and meet the changing needs of food retailers, processors, producers and consumers worldwide.

Our signature product, DNA TraceBack®, helps safeguard and strengthen the integrity of the supply chain for meat, poultry and seafood products through the world’s most accurate and precise traceability platform. A unique solution for industry, using DNA TraceBack® enables beef, pork, poultry and seafood products to be reliably traced back through production to the farm, parent or individual animal from which they originated.