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Building trust is in our DNA

DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN gives leading food companies the opportunity to make trust a competitive advantage

Driven by increased concerns about how animals are raised and processed, today’s consumers are demanding greater transparency and assurances of the integrity, quality and sustainability of their food sources. Consumer desire for a more just, transparent and sustainable food system is now fully mainstream.

Producers, processors, retailers and brand owners are looking for accurate traceability that provides full accountability to protect their brand’s reputation, justify premium positioning in the market and meet consumer demand while being costeffective at scale.

The complexities of today’s protein supply cause challenges for standard product tracking. DNA TraceBack® cuts through this complexity, providing an unprecedented level of supply chain transparency to inspire consumer confidence using the basic building blocks of all life — DNA.

Trace it

DNA TraceBack® combines nature’s barcode, DNA, and data analytics, to provide an evidence-based traceability solution.

The result? A precise, accurate and fact-based buyer-seller environment.

Trust it

DNA TraceBack® scientifically supports marketing messages and product claims to help food brands tell their stories with confidence, building loyalty, differentiation and trust in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Taste it

This unique and innovative application of DNA and data analytics can be deployed to provide consistency in high-quality products which ensures a positive eating experience every time. It’s in our DNA.

From fork to farm

DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN uses nature’s barcode, DNA, to accurately and precisely trace beef, pork, poultry and seafood products from the fork to the farm.