IdentiGEN achieves breakthrough in high-throughput genotyping


IdentiGEN to offer DNA traceability of food at unparalleled scale.

World leading food traceability business IdentiGEN today announced IdentiSEQ, its most scalable DNA analysis technology yet.

IdentiSEQ will enable IdentiGEN to offer DNA food traceability with the speed and scale required by the largest food industry operators.

The new technology has been developed under the Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund (DTIF) Beyond Food Labelling project, recently awarded to IdentiGEN by the Government of Ireland.

Recognising the need to dramatically reduce complexity of genetic analyses, IdentiSEQ is a unique technology that allows DNA marker panels to be indexed, multiplexed and normalised in a simple closed system reaction, amenable to massive sample pooling, and automated sequencing.

Overcoming the limitations of other targeted genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) technologies, IdentiSEQ will enable the genotyping of millions of samples. While the technology has been developed to support IdentiGEN’s customers, it may also impact across a diverse range of life science and biotechnology applications.

IdentiGEN Founder and Managing Director Ciaran Meghen said IdentiSEQ will enable continued growth of IdentiGEN’s business and create additional opportunities in new and established markets.

“We are the first company in the world to have delivered DNA food traceability at global scale. Over 20 years we have continuously innovated and evolved to reach more markets, more food businesses and more food products.

 “IdentiSEQ is the next big step forward. As with all of our offerings, analysis will be provided within IdentiGEN’s own accredited laboratories, and through patent licensees of the technology to ensure maximum impact.

“IdentiSEQ will catalyse DNA assurance at the scale of the largest global food producers, retailers and national programmes.”

Based in Dublin, Ireland IdentiGEN has offices in seven countries globally and laboratories in five countries in Europe, the UK and North America.

Earlier this year US based Tyson Foods announced a partnership with IdentiGEN. DNA TraceBack® technology also underpins a major marketing campaign by Marks and Spencer in the UK.

DNA TraceBack®, an IdentiGEN integrated solution, uses nature’s barcode, DNA, to trace beef, pork, poultry, seafood and processed proteins to precisely match the source and product throughout complex processing systems and international supply chains.


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