Consumers are increasingly interested in product attributes. DNA TraceBack® traces the DNA in meat and fish to verify the exact origin of products. It is the most advanced protein traceability system available, and can be used to source verify grocery products with greater precision and accuracy.

The Gold Standard in Supply Chain Integrity

The DNA Difference

DNA is tamperproof and permanent, making it a fullproof way of tracing food from source to fork. Unlike other traceability methods, DNA TraceBack® uses nature’s barcode to provide accurate information on the entire supply chain – linking the DNA in primary protein, cooked and processed products from point of sale back to source.

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Brand Protection

By tracing the DNA in meat and linking it to the original animal and its production history, DNA TraceBack® enables grocers and meat processors to source with integrity. This advanced level of supply chain transparency helps verify product claims, and can be used to market retail and meat brands with greater confidence to consumers.

Quality Improvement

DNA TraceBack® helps simplify the complexity of continuous quality improvement. It gives meat producers a tool to verify the source and genetic background of live animals procured, and provides retailers and meat processors with vital supply chain insights which can be used to identify, enhance, and standardize the production of high-quality meat products.

Processed Meat Traceability

DNA TraceBack® enables retailers and processors to accurately identify production batches and monitor the flow of raw materials throughout large grinding operations. This level of supply chain transparency can improve hazard management, reduce costs associated with product recalls, and enhance food safety protocol.

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