Collaborating to build a more transparent supply chain - a taste of the future of food to 2020


We’re re-imagining a global food system for the next decade and beyond. By collaborating with IdentiGEN to build a more transparent supply chain, we’re bringing a taste of the future of food to 2020.

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IdentiGEN achieves breakthrough in high-throughput genotyping


IdentiGEN to offer DNA traceability of food at unparalleled scale.

World leading food traceability business IdentiGEN today announced IdentiSEQ, its most scalable DNA analysis technology yet....

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Tyson Foods Is Using DNA to Prove the Pedigree of Premium Beef


Responding to consumer demands for traceability, Tyson Foods Inc. plans to use DNA samples from elite cattle to track steaks, roasts and even ground beef back to the ranches the animals grew up on....

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M&S beef traceability pays off: Boosted sales and ‘dramatically’ reduced complaints


Marks and Spencer first implemented a DNA sampling system across its beef supply chain in 2012. Seven years on, head of agriculture and fisheries Steve McLean says he has seen beef sales rise and customer complaints drop.

M&S beef traceability pays off: Boosted sales and ‘dramatically’ reduced complaints

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IdentiGEN welcomes Irish government Disruptive Technology Fund backing


Irish Genetics company wins €1.8m ‘Beyond Food Labelling’ R&D grant

Irish genetics company IdentiGEN has welcomed a €1.8m research and development award to further strengthen its position as a world leader in DNA technologies within the food industry.

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IdentiGEN partners with Swiss meat industry on DNA traceability system


The meat industry intends to introduce a national and independent DNA traceability system for the detection of Swiss meat in the spring of 2018. At its meeting on 7 April, the Governing Body of Proviande, the branch organization, adopted the relevant principles. The final implementation decision is expected at the end of June 2018...

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M&S raises the stakes with unrivalled new British beef traceability campaign


From corned beef to fillet steak, every single piece of beef that M&S sells has two things in common – it can be traced back to the farm and animal it came from AND it is British...

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UK’s Seafresh to supply M&S with DNA-traceable farmed shrimp


UK importer Seafresh is set to supply retailer Marks and Spencer with farmed shrimp which, for the first time, claims to offer DNA-based assurance as to origin and quality...

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