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Gen Y Shows Interest in Transparency

Performance Food Group talks about the benefits of DNA TraceBack®, DNA based Traceability system from IdentiGEN – watch from 2:23


Do you know where your Marks and Spencer beef comes from?


CH4 Food unwrapped

Do we really know what we put on our plates? …


Your solution to Food Transparency and Traceability

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Undeniable Traceability of Premium Pork

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Explore how DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN delivers transparency that builds trust.

Collaborating to build a more transparent supply chain - a taste of the future of food to 2020

We’re re-imagining a global food system for the next decade and beyond. By collaborating with IdentiGEN to build a more transparent supply chain, we’re bringing a taste of the future of food to 2020.

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DNA TraceBack® a viable solution for verifying Italian Pork

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New ALDI Traceability programme for Scotch Beef

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