Brand Protection for Major US Foodservice Provider

DNA is the only way to keep track of meat as an animal is disassembled during processing. It keeps the supply chain honest and ensures that our brand value is protected. Through DNA TraceBack®, we are able to continuously improve the quality of our products by identifying which suppliers have the best meat and focus our purchasing.

IdentiGEN and Parentage Testing

IdentiGEN and Alberta Agriculture recently extended the successful pilot project that commenced in 2010 with a 3 year contract renewal.

Alberta, Canada has a reputation for high quality beef and a thriving cattle industry prevails. Successful ranchers are always keen to optimize their herd and make efficient use of their best performing animals.

IdentiGEN works with Alberta Agriculture in this extended pilot project using DNA testing to enable ranchers to more effectively utilize their best animals. Select ranchers use a DNA verification system to improve breeding in the short term and improve product quality overall.